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Write-Up, the #1 selling stock portfolio accounting software, is an innovative software that simplifies the tracking, recording and reporting of stock transactions and provides a consistent standardized format. Write-Up is the ultimate productivity tool to help you better serve your high net worth clients.
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How many client files can be created in Write-Up?
An unlimited number of clients can be set up in Write-Up. These clients can be corporate holding companies, estates & trusts, non-profit organizations, individuals & offshore investors.

Does Write-Up handle multi-currency broker & banking transactions?
Five years of US $ daily & monthly average exchange rates from The Bank of Canada have been built into Write-Up. Future updates of Write-Up will include exchange rate tables for other international currencies.

Does Write-Up have a fully functional general ledger?
All broker transactions are automatically posted to the general ledger. Banking & adjusting journal entries can also be recorded. An unlimited number of general ledger accounts can be set up in Write-Up. Write-Up generates financial statements in both standard & comparative formats.

Does Write-Up handle all types of broker transactions?
Write-Up handles over 40 different types of broker transactions such as stock splits, spin-offs, security name change & trust unit distributions. All broker transactions can be viewed, edited or deleted.

Does Write-Up handle cash & share transfers between brokers?
Write-Up handles cash transferred between brokers, between banks & between brokers & banks. Write-Up calculates & records the foreign exchange realized on cash transfers between Canadian & US brokers & banks. Write-Up tracks the number of units & the adjusted cost base of each security transferred between brokers.

Does Write-Up generate marketable securities reports?
Write-Up produces two types of marketable securities reports:

(1) Marketable securities held showing current number of units, current adjusted cost base, current market value & unrealized capital gains (losses)

(2) Marketable securities held showing complete detailed transaction history, proceeds on disposition & realized capital gains (losses)

Both reports can be displayed in both Canadian & US currencies.

Does Write-Up calculate accrued interest earned on bankers acceptances, bonds, notes & term deposits?
By entering the maturity date, interest rate & frequency of interest payment, Write-Up automatically calculates accrued interest receivable based on the ending date selected by the user.

Does Write-Up handle both local & foreign dividends?
Write-Up prompts the user to record dividend income as either Canadian or foreign source and to record the applicable withholding taxes.

Does Write-Up calculate capital gains based on the weighted average of the security if held by different brokers?
Write-Up calculates realized capital gains using two methods:

(1) by securities held by one broker;

(2) by securities held by multiple brokers. Write-Up also tracks unrealized capital gains. Write-Up generates capital gains reports by security, broker, currency & date.


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