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Write-Up, the #1 selling stock portfolio accounting software, is an innovative software that simplifies the tracking, recording and reporting of stock transactions and provides a consistent standardized format. Write-Up is the ultimate productivity tool to help you better serve your high net worth clients.
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Stock portfolio accounting for your high net worth clients is a key service in most accounting firms. The challenge, however, is providing this important yet labour-intensive function at a reasonable price.

Fortunately, now there’s Write-Up, the #1 selling stock portfolio accounting software. Write-Up software simplifies and speeds up the accounting processes involved in tracking, recording and reporting stock transactions for holding companies, trusts and estates.

Simplified year-end procedure and access to historical data. Write-Up allows the user to close a year in both modules and carry forward the open security positions in the broker module to the following year. Prior years are always available for viewing in both modules.

Write-Up supports the three main types of transactions: broker transactions, banking transactions and adjusting entries.

Supports a full range of broker transactions to meet the needs of your most sophisticated investment holding companies.

Simplified data verification and correction is a tremendous time saver. Information is entered into the system by simply recording each transaction line on the broker statement. If an error has been made, the user simply edits the transaction and the application automatically updates the general ledger and all reports and schedules.

Automatic generation of all required reports in the format you need. The software automatically generates on-screen all the required accounting and income tax reports. All reports can be generated in detailed or summary formats, in local and foreign currencies and can be exported to Microsoft® Excel for customized printing.

Write-Up handles multiple currencies and the corresponding foreign exchange entries to make investment management easy.

Write-Up provides a structured standard internal format for transaction recording and reporting for all clients. With spreadsheets, everyone has their own method. Write-Up makes it easy to transfer files between staff with minimal start-up time.

Fully exportable to most common formats, including Taxprep®, CaseWare©, Simply Accounting©, QuickBooks©, and Microsoft® Excel. All of the taxable income reports can now be exported to Taxprep®. All reports can be exported to Microsoft® Excel with formulas in place. Banking and journal entries can be entered directly through the general ledger module. The general ledger can easily be exported to CaseWare©, Simply Accounting©, and to QuickBooks©. Tax information, including the T1135 report, can be exported to Taxprep®.

Write-Up lets you create the general ledger chart of accounts and custom link it to the broker module. A highly detailed general ledger chart of accounts can be created and linked by the user to the different investment activities in the broker module.

User-friendly data entry in a familiar format makes it easy for users to quickly verify their entries. The data entry screens follow the format used on most broker statements, with a running balance always visible.


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