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Write-Up, the #1 selling stock portfolio accounting software, is an innovative software that simplifies the tracking, recording and reporting of stock transactions and provides a consistent standardized format. Write-Up is the ultimate productivity tool to help you better serve your high net worth clients.
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Write-Up supports an extensive range of broker and banking transactions, as well as adjusting entries. In fact, it supports all of the transaction types you need to handle, even for the most complex Canadian holding company, estate or trust.


• adjust acb
• adjust number of shares
• assign call
• assign put
• cash in lieu of shares
• cash transfer in/out
• dividend expense
on open position
• dividend income
• exercise call
• exercise put
• interest expense
• interest expense
on broker balance
• interest income
• interest income
on broker balance
• investment fees
• miscellaneous adjustment

• buy/sell bankers
acceptance notes
• buy/sell bonds
• buy/sell discount notes
• buy/sell guaranteed
investment certificates
• buy/sell mutual funds
• buy/sell promissory notes
• buy/sell puts and calls
• buy/sell shares
• buy/sell treasury bills
• buy/sell warrants
• re-invested dividend
• re-invested income
• return of capital
• security name change
• share merger/exchange
• share spin-offs
• stock splits
• transfer shares in/out
• trust unit distribution



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